Notable dates at the lake

The Johnson Lake Grass & Leaf Dump:

May 1st – Sunday before Thanksgiving
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12 pm – 5 pm
LAST DAY the Sunday before Thanksgiving
For more information regarding the Johnson Lake Grass & Leaf Dump, click here.

Thank You!

Elwood/Johnson Lake Guide

Individual Chamber Members

2023 Individual memberships

Rick Buell
Jerry G and Debra G Colvert
Brad and Jolee Clark
Darin and Alyssa Eberspacher
Wes and Jacey Edson
Dave and Connie Egleston
Terri and Janet Enck
Donald Fillinger
Dan and Karen Finken
Ron and Kathy Fowler
Vic and Christy Gomez
Stacey Hart
Libby and Jack Henry
Greg and Linda Heiden
Don and Lois Holen
Kurt and Rachelle Holen
Kristie Holoch
Bob and Mary Hurst
Roger Jenkins
Joel and Jill Johnson
Jean and Connie Koepke
Scott & Tammy Krieger
Duane and Cheryl Kuhnel
Doug and Kathy Larson
Rob and Louise Lane
Scott and Makayla Lauby
Fred and Susan Lister
Alan and LaDonna McClure
Bill and and McCracken
Dave and Susie Melliger
Sharlene Meyer
Neil & Denise Miller
Todd Morris
Chuck Olsen
Jack and Marg Ortegren
Rich and Karen Osentowski
Larry Ossenkop
Ryan and Jenna Pickel
Debbie, Sean and Calen Petersen
Duane & Jan Phillippi
Richard and Kathleen Pilakowski
Rod & Susan Reynolds
William and Pam Sandy
Julie and James Schnell
Rod and Colleen Schmidt
Stacy Smith
Jon and Marie Stapleton
David and Kathy Stoddard
Pam Sweeney
Christopher Thelen
Vosta Family cabin
Jeff and June Walker
Jeff and Betty Warren
Monty and Cyndee Wendle
Judy Wixson
Peggy Yancy