Notable dates at the lake

The Johnson Lake Grass & Leaf Dump:

May 1st – Sunday before Thanksgiving
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12 pm – 5 pm
LAST DAY the Sunday before Thanksgiving
For more information regarding the Johnson Lake Grass & Leaf Dump, click here.

Thank You!

Elwood/Johnson Lake Guide

2021 Elwood Chamber Book

Events at the Lake

May 27-31, 2022 - Memorial Weekend - StoryWalk


What a Wonderful World

StoryWalk® is coming to the Johnson Lake Trail! The first book (16 pages – about 40 paces apart) will be found at the Paul Matson Trailhead near the inlet campground at trail mile marker 0.

StoryWalk® is about promoting early literacy, physical activity, and family time together in nature.
StoryWalks® can be found in all 50 states and 12+ foreign countries.

Walk . . . Read . . . Explore


Memorial Day Weekend – May 27-31, 2022
(Weather permitting)


Christy Werger, Event Promotions Contact

May 29, 2022 – Chapel of the Lake

May 29th – Chapel of the Lake Opening Services at 8:30am


Contact is Judy Wixson 308-325-2938


Christy Werger, Event Promotions Contact

May 29, 2022 - Gazebo Bike Hop

May 29 – Gazebo Bike Hop


Ten Mile Johnson Lake Trail Ride


Sunday afternoon, May 29, 1:00, Memorial Eve
Register, Ride, and WIN $50 at one of 6 drawings – be present to win!

11:00 – 1:00 Register at CraZy Marv’s, Dr. #18, New inlet extension trail
Free - Name to be used in drawings (for 10+ yrs old only) Bring helmets.
Bike rentals available
12:50 – 1:00 Gather For welcome, orientation, safety tips
1:00 - Start with Ribbon cutting for trail opening section. Ride on!

1:30 - HOP #1 At Sandy Point Gazebo (1.90 mi)

Info “Trails near and far”
Each of 5 HOP stops will include a welcome, 3 min trail info, drawing for
$50 certificate, and preview of next 2 mi. trail segment


2:00 - HOP #2 At Game & Parks North Trailhead Parking (2.2 mi) Info “Our trail story,” Drawing
2:30 - HOP #3 At Perch Bay Gazebo (1.9 mi)
Info “Trees, Arboretum, & Handicapped Access,” Drawing
3:00 - HOP #4 At North Cove/Merriweather Gazebo (1.3 mi)
Info “Volunteers & Funding,” Drawing 3:30 - H0P #5 At Bass Bay Gazebo (2.2 mi)
Info “Biking equipment, trends, events,” Drawing 4:00 – HOP #6 At End at Crazy Marv’s Rentals
Info “Rentals,” Drawing and Celebration!


Chuck Olsen is the contact for this event.


Christy Werger, Event Promotions Contact

July 4th 2022 Boat Parade


July 4th Boat Parade
8-10am Registration at Nautical Rose
10:30 Boat Parade
Prizes awarded after


Christy Werger, Event Promotions Contact